Eurobean Mediterranean Medium-Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Eurobean Mediterranean Medium-Dark Roast Coffee Beans


This unique blend consists of %100 Sustainably Sourced Arabica coffee beans. Specially selected & roasted to satisfy the distinctively refined palate of the Mediterranean coffee connoisseur.


Eurobean’s Premium Whole Bean Mediterranean Medium-Dark Roast coffee is perfectly designed to satisfy the pallet of the southern European coffee connoisseur. Each sip unleashes a robust set of flavours; notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate and with a uniquely smooth and creamy finish will surely satisfy your inner coffee pleasures. The 100% Arabica coffee beans used in this blend have been specifically sourced from three regions. Our salute to the Mediterranean coffee connoisseur.

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 6 cm