Coffee Beans are the Perfect Holiday Gift

Happy Holidays from Eurobean Coffee

It’s the holiday season, and everyone is excited to take some time off work, stay home, and be cozy with their families. But who can get through the holiday season without a little bit of Christmas movie binges while drinking a warm cup of coffee?


..but not just any coffee; a boozy, freshly brewed cup from only the best coffee beans!


This is why coffee beans are the perfect holiday gift, and we’ll help you with some tips when picking out what kind you should buy.


Good and Bad Coffee Beans

Coffee beans can be an exceptional gift for somebody, but be wary that not all coffee beans are equal. So picking the right bag of coffee beans that expresses your inner barista is the key to warming the hearts of coffee lovers!

Picking high-quality coffee beans from trusted roasters is essential, as it can make the difference between cheap and elegant brews.

Coffee goes stale after 2-3 weeks of being roasted, which is why freshly roasted coffee beans are superior. It has all the aromas, crispiness and flavours that coffee should have. So prioritize knowing when the coffee beans were roasted and gifting it as quickly as possible to maximize freshness!

Our Premium Coffee Beans

Eurobean serves 100% Premium Arabica beans, organic blend and fairly traded. Our specialized coffee beans include:

  • Eurobean Mediterranean Medium-dark Roast – A sustainably sourced, Mediterranean flavours with a smooth & creamy finish
  • Eurobean Café Corsé – A traditional dark French roast with an intense and smoky-sweet taste.
  • Eurobean Mediterranean Decaffeinated Medium-dark Roast – For the delicious taste without the caffeine kick!

In addition to coffee beans, we also offer flavouring syrups to elevate your experience!


It’s Beginning to Look a “Latte” like Christmas

Coffee is a beautiful way to share the warmth of the holidays. We can share all the delicious flavours of a fresh brew as we enjoy each other’s company.


Eurobean is Kelowna’s spot for your premium roasted beans, as we thrive in bringing Europe’s unique blends of taste to the Okanogan.


So come in during the holidays to try out our freshly roasted coffee before you take a bag home as a gift or for yourself!


Happy Holidays - Eurobean Coffee

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